The media is abuzz with talks of climate change. It’s really effective the attention it brings to our environment, about the effects humans and our industries have had on the planet. It’s time to roll back those effects.

More and more people are looking towards green and eco-friendly ways of doing most of the things we do, from generating electricity, adding the new style front door call a aaa locksmith to secure your doors and to building your home. You, for example, are here to find new ways to build your eco home. In this article, we’ll discuss what it means to have a green home and then share those ideas with you. Then we will show you examples of the best green buildings in the world, hoping to inspire your home construction.

What does it mean to have a Green and Eco-friendly Home?

There is no exhaustive list of criteria to be fulfilled for a building to be recognized as eco-friendly. Besides, not everyone agrees on this point. However, certain elements are unanimous.

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Thus, green construction is made from natural materials and non-toxic to people and nature. It must, therefore, be healthy and protect the environment. This also involves reducing energy consumption, in particular thanks to particularly effective thermal insulation. In any event, the energies used are renewable. In addition, an ecological building produces as little waste as possible and optimizes the management of resources such as water.

A green building is built with this definition in mind and aims to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

Ideas to construct a Green & Eco-friendly Home

1. Insulate the walls, roof, and floor of your house

An ecological house is a house that saves energy! Insulation of the facades will then allow you to keep the heat inside. For this, you can go to hemp which is a recyclable material. It is also effective against rodents. For the roof, use linen. Note that 30% of the heat escapes through the roof so you know where to start!

2. Also, insulate your windows

10 to 15% of the heat escapes from the windows so don’t forget about them during your insulation work! Regarding solutions, you can turn to different types of glazing, whether double or triple. Some may even allow you to retain heat from the sun and send it to your heating system.

3. Choose natural materials

And you have the choice, there are several environmentally friendly materials. Wood has been used for a long time, unlike steel, which is gradually being installed as an innovative solution. Building an ecological house is not very expensive, you can even turn to straw! Despite popular belief, this material is very resistant and above all inexpensive.

4. Use renewable sources of energy

Even if your house is completely insulated, the heating installation is necessary to cope with winter temperatures. And good news, ecological heaters are now very efficient! As the latter recovers the energy present in the air, the sun, and even the forests, this decreases the rate of emission of greenhouse gases. A good point for the planet!

5. Let your home be a net-positive energy home

A net-positive energy home is one that produces more energy than it consumes. The best way to save your energy consumption is to produce it yourself! For this, you also have the choice to install solar panels on your roof or even a small wind turbine in your garden.

Top 3 Green Buildings in the World — Examples to Follow

When setting out to build your own green and eco-friendly home, it helps to take an example from the top 3 green buildings in the world.

The Edge

First of all, we can cite The Edge in Amsterdam which has managed to optimize its energy consumption until it reaches zero net worth. The smart green building is based on the use of the Internet of Things.

Bank of America

In our top 3 green buildings, we cannot ignore the Bank of America built in New York. Its fifty-four floors benefit as much as possible from natural light. This ecological building of the future runs on solar energy and collects rainwater.

Crystal Island

Finally, Crystal Island in Moscow welcomes more than 30,000 people alone. However, it is able to produce its own energy via a system of wind turbines and solar energy despite the very low temperatures that can be observed in Russia. A real feat in terms of energy performance.


Having an eco-friendly house is a real asset both from an environmental and economic point of view. The quality of life for its inhabitants is greatly improved. Moreover, new constructions must meet the criteria to promote environmental protection and the use of renewable energy.